Sunday, June 30, 2013

Letter recieved from an Elder Huffaker in Brooke's mission:

"Sister Bateson is doing really well. She is honestly one of the best missionaries I have ever met. But she doesn't realize that she is that kind of missionary. I feel like she is much better than she thinks. She has had such a positive influence on all the missionaries around her because of her great attitude about things. Her attitude about things here and about things at home has helped me with things I'm going through. I've had some problems with my ankles since I've been out, right know I'm on crutches because I tore two ligaments and fractured my ankle. But your daughter has helped me see the brighter side of my situation. Which has helped me more than anything. "

(I thought it was great to hear about Brooke.)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Everything is pretty busy here in Loudon.

Here is the picture of my knife that little Gary gave to me. Some Elder Huffaker just told me that it really isn't a real knife though. Apparently it called a "box cutter" haha So Im a little sad about that but whatevs. haha It's still cool to have a knife!

Everything is pretty busy here in Loudon.(: We are super busy so that's great! haha I am still with Hermana Harrison because she hasn't got her visa yet. I bet she will get it soon though. It must be hard to be here in Tennessee waiting to go to Peru, but she is super strong. We are definitely trying to help each other with our Spanish, that's for sure.

It's a bit of a bummer because all of our investigators are either moving, on vacation, or straight up avoiding us. haha It's a good time though, I mean for reals, where woould missionary work be without difficult investigators???

As for an update on my chigger situation, it's getting a lot better. They barely itch at all anymore!

Funny story: so we were walking one day last week and we decided to stop and talk to this lady that was "porch sitting" as most classy Tennesseans do around 5 or 6. So she invited us into her gate and told us to sit down, so of course we did. Then she starts telling us how her husband is a preacher and that he has been for like 40 years or something. And this lady is old, like old, so you can imagine our confusion. Then out of nowhere, her husband shows  up. Then he proceeds to tell us that we are wrong and that we were going to hell. So... it was pretty awkward. I guess there really isn't a punchline to the story or anything, I would just like to clear the water and say that the church is true and I don't think that the Lord's missionaries are going to hell. haha  Good times.

So I'm sure I have told you about Steve right?? Well, if you forgot Steve is the craziest guy on the east side of the Mississippi. So anyways we were at church on Sunday and apparently his plan was to ask us (the sister missionaries) for a ride home, so we walk up and he is talking to Elder Huffaker about this and Elder Roner tells him that it's probably not a good idea so he screams out "the sister missionaries are mean! Women are hateful!" It was probably the funniest thing of my life. hahaha.

Anyways.. as for the "real" missionary work, it's going great. We found a new investigator that "OYM-ed" and he is doing great. The Spanish is...coming. Maybe at a slower pace than I would like, but hey, it's all good. I love the work. It's super fun although, sometimes its brutal and you need a meltdown or two but it all works out at the end of the day. 

For all my girls going on missions soon, buena suerte! I love you all!! Your going to be amazing and get rady for the fastest roller coaster of you life. haha

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This week has been loco!

Zone conference

This is one with me and my new companions! Actually, I only have one now. Sister Malloy, the short one, left us because another Sister had to go home so now I am just with my visa waiter Hermana Harrison (:

This is one of me and my old district. (:

This one is of me in one of our investigators cars! It's a Road Runner! Like the cartoons! haha
So this week has been loco! One day I had with me my beautiful redhead Sister Bowman and now I'm here with Sister Harrison and Sister Malloy (my new trainers, but lets be honest, they have only been out six weeks longer than me and I know the area.) It feels more like I'm training them... but what do you do, right? haha

In case you were all wondering(which I'm sure you were) my chiggers are healing up nicely and I should have my legs back here in a few days.(: Yay!  hmmm ....lets see what adventures have I been on this week??

Well the weather in Tennessee has been pretty crazy lately. One day its super hot and your about to die as your walking to your next appointment and the next thing you know, you wake up the next morning thinking your in the middle of a hurricane! haha it's super duper loco!

I guess I could be normal and talk about my companions or something...haha it's not a big deal or anything. haha So Sister Malloy is from California and she is actually engaged.( Don't ask me why she is out here) the other is Sis Harrison and she is actually a "visa waiter" going to Peru so that should be coming soon. They are both super great girls.. they are a lot different than me though. A little on the "perfect  sister missionary" side of things but its whateves. I will live.

Now I will be even more normal and talk about my investigators. Well, today was a little bit of a bummer because of all of our appointments cancelled besides one and some super old baptist preacher told me strait up that I'm going to hell. so... thats always fun.

But usually we really do have a good time here in Loudon. The Spanish is coming along just fine. I still have some problems listening, but that's okay. I'm working on that. Slowly but shurley....haha.

One quick shout out to all my peeps back home going on missions: You guys rule. I'm so excited for you. The mission will change just about everything in your life. Everyday is truly such a blessing. Get ready for the toughest, most amazing thing in your life!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This is me by this super cute old vintage sign with my street name on it. Yes. I had to.

 This is a picture I got with Alan and Alice. Alan is our recent convert who just got baptized and Alice is just the best person in this world. haha The other day, we were over there teaching and Rae-Rae (this little Asain kid) came in with lighting bugs crawling all over him. haha So of course I backed away slowly because even though lightning bugs are super legit, I can't stand bugs... Anyways... so then, Alice came up behind me and scared me half to death. We laughed for a solid ten minutes. Then Little Garry, (just this random guy thought that I was "too sheltered" so he gave me my first real life knife to carry around. So mom, you don't have to worry about me anymore. I have my own knife! haha It was a good time(:

This one is just for laughs. We were walking up to Tami's house the other day and we saw these three guys in electric wheelchairs out for a stroll. Only in Tennessee. hahah

I got this from Brooke's mission's website. I think these girls are Brooke's new companions.
I got the wrath of Tennessee last week! CHIGGERS! ALL UP AND DOWN MY LEGS! I'm telling you, it's the worst. Just these huge red welts all over! I'm lucky though I haven't gotten a tick yet, I hope I didn't just jinx myself. haha. They are everywhere!

Funny story... so it was Sunday morning about 7:15 and the power goes out. After about 45 minutes of darkness, we decide to go over to the Roners, an office missionary couple, and they take care of us. We show up at church at 10:00 and it's cancelled! The power was out all over downtown Loudon because of the rainstorm! It was coming down like crazy! It broke my umbrella! So we just had a nice Sunday dinner over at the Roners. It was refreshing to sit and relax for a minute. I even got to help Sister Roner cook.

Lets see.. transfers are today and I'm pretty bummed about that. I'm staying in Loudon (thank goodness) but they are taking my amazing trainer Sister Bowman away from me and I am not happy about that. They are replacing her with a visa waiter and my new trainer. I really just hope they will work out with me. haha.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This is me petting a baby cow! LIKE WHAT??

This picture is a picture of Sister Bowman and I the day we milked cows!(: It was so awesome! I MILKED A COW!(:

This is a picture of our district mascot named Franklin! He was a little snappy but He was a good little guy!(:   
I have had some bueno times aqui! Everyday is such a blessing & I learn so much! It's the best thing ever & I just love life in Tennessee. It's almost like everyday is an adventure and you just get to go out and find it.
 My faith and testimony grows everyday through a lot of studying and prayer. Also, helping other people come closer to Christ is a feeling that you can't find anywhere else. When you see yourself being an instrument in the Lord's hands and when you see the people just "get it" it's just like nothing else in the whole entire world.
I have my first Spanish investigator that I found ALL ON MY OWN! ( He is the one from the earlier blog) I'm excited! He came to church yesterday and everything so that's great.(: But it is hard because I have to do it all on my own and my Spanish is still pretty rough but Heavenly Father always helps me. I feel so much help from him. It's AMAZING! Entonces... I LOVE LIFE!!!