Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Please pray for me I am really struggling with everything right now.

                                                                                                                        10 de Marzo

Well, this week went well. For some reason it seemed a little longer than usual but still. So in case any of you were wondering, yes, I am still in Sevierville. It's pretty crazy how I have almost been here 6 months. Oh and news flash, people!!! I will be coming home in ... August!!  I'm  telling you, it's loco, like hot cocoa. 

So anyways some stories about this week. We have really been working to find new investigators right now. This area is pretty difficult for me. I get frustrated sometimes probably with myself more than anything because I make a lot of mistakes. Thank goodness for the Atonement, right? 

My companera was sick this week so on Thursday I did some solo weekly planning and I studied a lot. On Saturday, guess what?? I got to go to Loudon again! Yayyyy! It was so cool. I got to spend the day with Hermana Horrocks, one of my old companions and it was great. We got to go teach Matt, Matt and Amy who I got to teach and baptize and we went out to eat with Johnny and had dinner with Yamel. So that was great.

I have to say that lately the thing that has brought me the most joy lately is studying the scriptures. Every time I read them I just get so happy I can't even handle myself(: Best thing ever. I am so grateful to have them in my life. 

Sunday we had this super duper long mission leadership meeting. Like it literally lasted 6 hours but it was really good. There are some dang good missionaries in this mission. It blows my mind sometimes. Anyways, that's basically it for me. I hope you all are good and happy.(: 

I love you and don't forget me. Hermana Bateson


By the way... please pray for me mom because I am really struggling with everything right now. It is impossible to find people to teach and my attitude is horrible and my companion and I have to give this training for all these missionaries and .... well. Enough with that. Just pray for me. I know the Lord will answer YOUR prayers because you are a mother and mothers have top priority. hah Sorry and thanks. 

I think that I want to try and go to Utah State for a semester or SLCC or something and then I could try going to BYU the next year or semester because I honestly don't think that I could get in with my grades right now. 
As far as major, right now I would probably be an undeclared or something like that for a while and then I think I want to do Nutrition or Exercise science or something and I also want to Minor in Spanish FOR SURE. 

I don't know. I just am really nervous to get home and move in living with my family and just working or something and I am scared of getting super bored and depressed and all of that because out here I have been learning so much and I have all of these goals and plans and how I want to be successful and really live my life that way but I am scared of going home and just forgetting. It makes me nervous to not be in school and stuff. I just don't want the knowledge and the initiative that I have learned out here to go away. I am really scared of that. I bet you felt that way after your mission. It just makes me a little sad that I didn't learn earlier because I probably would be better off right now with school and everything if I just applied myself in High School better. But sorry about my ranting. Um... I will continue to pray on it and things. 

My mission president says that I could come home in August if I want to be able to start school and stuff. Do you think that I should? I am leaning towards it because I want to have a little bit of time and everything. Let me know because I need some direction here. It's stressing me out. 

Love you Mom. Thanks for everything that you do. 

Hermana Bateson

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We finished the Book of Mormon and I got a call from my mission President and he tells me that I need to apply for schools.

Me and Elder Parke who just went down to Argentina!

One of my favorite elders, Elder Toomey and one of the best Hermana's, Hermana Collier.

Okay for reals... I don't have favorite Elders.... but if I did... it would be this guy. News flash everyone. He is actually from Chile. Like, the country. Cool, right?? (: Funniest, most inspiring Elder in the world. 

We finished the Book of Mormon. It was pretty hard but we did it. On Saturday night at like literally 10:29 I finished. One minute to spare! It was so awesome to just see like how the whole entire Book of Mormon is focused on the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we can receive those blessings. It. was. awesome. Loved it. (: 
I got a call from my mission President March 3rd and he tells me that I need to apply for schools and stuff. It matters because I might come home a few weeks early depending on what day/ what school I go to.

One of my other thoughts that I had was to just apply to a ton of schools. Like all the ones and just to see where I would even get in because I don't think I could actually get into BYU even though that is eventually where I want to go. We will see.  

So could you get online and get some of that info together for me? If you could just do USU, BYU, BYU Idaho, and SLCC I guess because that idea is growing on me a little. I do think that I will be home in August though. Just to be able to go to school and stuff that first semester. 
Sorry about my loads of emails. hahah Your getting a healthy dose of Hermana Bateson this week. hahah 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I am trying to get everyone to read the Book of Mormon with me in one week!!

It snowed!!!! This is us and the Murphy's (my favorite family) when we were playing in the snow(:

Oh and we rolled this huge snowball into the pond. Good times.

This is Keegan. The cutest little boy that I am not allowed to hold. hah
hahah and this is Bonnie. hhaha

This is me and the biggest, most yummiest cookie we got from the Trapps for Valentines Day. (: 
24 de febrero
So this week was very interesante and I had a bunch of ups and downs....
 So last Monday we had a good day, just went up to Sevierville as usual and we had dinner with this super cool family the Turleys. He is literally 6 ft. 8 in. and she is like as tall as me. haha it's so funny. Also they fed us these tortillas and I honestly don't think I have ever had a tortilla that delicious in my life.

Tuesday we did service for Bonnie by picking up sticks in her yard. haha She is the funniest woman.

Wednesday we did exchanges and I got to spend the day with Sister Jones. She is a really good Sister but that day I was super stressed ( which I felt bad about) but I probably wasn't the best Sister Training Leader to her. We did get some good less- active work in though.

Thursday we had 3 (what I thought to be solid) appointments which  all inevitably..... fell through. por supuesto. haha

Friday we had a great district meeting as usual and we just did some more finding. 

Saturday honestly was one of the best days of my mission. 1. For some reason like everyone in this neighborhood like loves to Bible bash with us and so practically my whole day was spent bashing with like every house we went into but whats so great about the Spirit is that they could be totally rambling about something that seems to make sense to them and the Spirit just helps you know exactly what to say/do. It is fabulous. Just constantly striving to know the scriptures is all you need to do and thus far I have not been confounded. Love it.

Also I had this super awesome idea a few days ago. I am trying to get everyone to read the Book of Mormon with me in one week!! I am so excited and you should do it with me. You can start Sunday morning and you have to read 76 pages a day to finish it but you should  do it. (:  (Mom that means you) haha and also tell Grandma. (: Well I love you all!! Miss you. 

Hermana Bateson