Sunday, May 25, 2014

My week was an adventure as usual.

19 de Mayo

Hello!(: How was yalls week?! Mine was an adventure as usual. We are just doing all we can to be good missionaries. It was great being able to Skype last Sunday. I loved it. It's just crazy to know I'll be home so soon. It motivates me mucho.

Lets see, I have learned so much this week. Wednesday was a really successful day- we taught a lot that day. 

I actually got sick on Thursday and we couldn't go out because I was just dead. We went to the doctor and turns out I'm just a wimp with a cold. I did get better though and we had a great weekend.

We exchanged with the Brainerd Sisters and I learned so much from that. 

Saturday night and Sunday morning was Stake Conference  and Elder Arnold de los Stenta came to visit us. It was wonderful. 

One thing that has been really different for me was that now I am with a companion that doesn't speak Spanish and it has been quite a change for me to not be able to speak to my companion in Spanish. Also we have like 4 or 5 Spanish investigators right now and so sometimes I have to teach by myself which is tricky but I just am taking it hour by hour and praying for the best. haha

It's still something that is hard for me. So, pray I will be able to understand these people. haha

Anyways, it's starting to look super beautiful and green outside. The summers in Tennessee truly are so beautiful i wish i could just go on a walk or something but... obviously that will have to wait. well I love you all. Have a fun, spirit filled week. haha

P. s. Tengo gozo en mi alma hoy....

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I feel like its hard to keep in touch with all of you!

8 of the 9 "Hermanas" in Brooke's mission

How are you all? The longer I'm out here, the more I feel like its hard to keep in touch with all of you! Sorry if it seems short sometimes. Just trying to find a good balance. I still love and care about you and your lives. I also think the longer I am here I forget truly how different life is as a missionary.

 Our mission President challenged us to make a list of like all of the things we are going to do after our missions. Week by week my list gets longer. It truly is such a blessing to be here and to learn so much. I feel really different. Mostly I just feel privileged every day to go out and serve the Lord.

I am getting transferred on Wednesday. It feels scary to be leaving Sevierville because I have spent the last 8 months here. I trust the Lord though. He knows what is best.

Raisa got baptized!  Raisa se bautizo! I am so excited and happy for her. She was baptized yesterday (Sunday) and it was beautiful. I am grateful the Lord let me stay here to see it happen. Yayy!

Well I miss you so much It's going to be a great reunion when I come home. We will have to take a huge trip to Cafe Rio and then to the temple. haha

I have to make one quick confession. Being over here in the "Bible-belt" has caused me to do  a fair amount of study in it. Here is something I learned about the Spirit this week. 

1 Corinthians 2:14  But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

I love you and miss yall. See you soon.  Hermana Bateson

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cinco de Mayo!

Cinco de Mayo!

I love the gospel. I love being able to watch it change peoples lives.  It's such a huge blessing.

 I hope you all are doing well. I should be coming home here within the next few months so that should be good. I'm a little excited but not at the same time because I will miss being a missionary.

Yes,  I am going to be skyping. I don't know what time because I am getting transferred tomorrow and so I will be in a new area and I won't really know anything until probably like Thursday. I want to say its going to be sometime in the afternoonish... although I am not for sure. I will just have to call you and it will be a surprise or something. haha I don't know. 

Yes, we had a baptism yesterday. It was great. It was a spanglish service. haha I will hopefully be able to send more pictures next week because I forgot my adapter this week so I won't be able to send pictures this week. :(  

Welllll...... Love yall Hermana Bateson

Thursday, May 1, 2014

We will be having an emergency baptism THIS SUNDAY !

4 de april

I realized that I am always super depressed and frustrated right before something cool happens. Stupid Satan! Stop messing with me. Warning: Try not to pay too much attention to my last weeks letter. That was just me venting. 
ANYWAYS.... so we went to church yesterday just thinking that it was going to be a normal day. We went to Ward Council and Sacrament and Sunday School was a little crazy as usual, we went to Relief Society and that was.... well, relief society and then there was this baptism for the cutest little 8 year old kid named David Ortiz so he gets baptized and there was some time when him and his dad were changing and Hermano Henriquez stands up and he is all, "if anybody wants to share their testimonios that would be okay" so then we are all sitting there and Raisa (our investigator) stands up and of course I am like freaking out thinking that she is going to say something crazy and she just gets up and starts to give her testimony about Jose Smith and the Book of Mormon and how she made the decision at that moment to be baptized and it was like the best moment of my life. Like the whole Latino population of our ward was there and they all just were like staring at us and everyone got SOOO awesome and it's just like the most exciting thing to see an investigator actually GET IT. (: I loved it. So we will be having an emergency baptism THIS SUNDAY for Raisa Gonzalez! (: (: (: 
I just feel so blessed. She is going to be such a great member. I love her. I am so grateful that I could help someone understand the gospel. I love missionary work. 
Hermana Bateson