Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Being a missionary is the best life ever.

4 de Augusto

I am, no joke, coming home in 10 days! I can barely handle it. It's the strangest feeling in the world because I really don't want to come home. I would rather just be a missionary forever because I am so happy serving the Lord. Being a missionary is the best life ever. All you do is study and live the gospel, sleep, and eat. It is theee best. It's weird to image doing anything else now. I have been just so blessed with this opportunity to serve and it's almost over. 

A ton has happened this week though. On Wednesday we had transfer meeting and I had to give my "departing testimony" even though I still worked after. haha. That was a little nerve wracking for me. 

But guess what?? Hermana Winters is my companion again!!! How crazy is that??? I am so happy to be with her again. She is so great and we have so much fun together. I could not be happier ending my mission with my best friend.

 We have a baptism coming up this weekend and I am so excited for it. Brianna has been one of my favorite people to teach in the entire world. And what better way to end the mission than by having a baptism?? The Lord really blesses me so much! (:

Love ya'll mucho!! Hermana Bateson

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

About coming home...

Sister de Hoyos and I at Transfer Meeting!

Sister Nelson and I at Transfers! She taught me yoga so I love her forever. 

My graceful companions(: PS I AM WITH MY DAUGHTER SISTER WINTERS AGAIN!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! (: (: (: I couldn't be happier! 

Elder Koelliker and I(: He is literally my favorite person in the whole world! #number1

Elder "Bennett" and I at Transfers.
About coming home...

I am excited too...a little. Mostly I am just sad though. I just want to be a missionary forever. It's hurting my heart to have to come home. I might be a little sad when I get home for a little bit. 

Love you and I will see you soon(: 
Hermana Bateson

Friday, August 1, 2014

So it's really crazy that I am going home in 2 weeks!

(picture sent by a women who fed them one night)
28 de Julio

So it's really crazy that I am going home in 2 weeks! It doesn't feel like it at all.

 I wish I could just live the mission life forever. It really is the BEST way to live. (:  I might be sad for a few days when I get home but I'm sure I will adjust.

 My last two weeks are going to be awesome though. We already have so much planned. Brianna (our favorite investigator) is getting baptized on August 9th and we are super excited  for that. Pray for her! She is super wonderful.

Currently I am reading a lot in the Bible. I am almost done with the Old Testament. Also I'm still reading the Infinite Atonement which is the best book ever. I love learning about Jesus Christ. 

I got my hair done today. I actually really like it. It's a super rich dark brown. and I can't wait for you all to see it because I think it looks pretty. (:

 I love you Hermana Bateson

P.S. Read the "Power of Everyday Missionaries" You'll love it!!