Sunday, August 25, 2013

What is Brooke doing wearing glasses? She is a kook!

8-22-13 Loudon district mtg. (from mission website)

 This was and is the one and only tic toc! Best. Ice cream. Ever. PS that guy right there is my most favorite person in the world. Everybody... meet Elder Roner. haha 

How ya'll doing this week? I was definitely having a good week myself. So I went on my very first exchange this Thursday. It was the very first day of my mission outside of Loudon. I almost cried when I had to leave the apartment for 24 hours and go serve in Knoxville.... downtown Knoxville, THE KNOXVILLE. It actually is super small, SLC is like three times the size. I got to teach some super hilarious people though. It was funny. The drugs are super bad there though. Definitely worse than Loudon, that's for sure.

So I have a new goal, (drum roll please) I am going to learn to play the piano. It is so useful as a missionary and I can play lots of easy versions of the Hymns so I'm really excited to start learning more. We have also been doing a lot of Family History lately, or at least learning about it. Sooooo yeah. Isn't that sad that these are like the exciting things for me??? hahaha Well.... not that many cool things happened to us this week. It was sorta lame compared to our family baptism last week. haha

Fun fact #1: I some Hispanic guy gave us a whole bag of peppers! haha We gave them to the Elders... seriously what am I supposed to do with 30 jalapenos?? haha

Fun fact #2: I almost Bible bashed with some old lady about prophets. haha almost... some dreams just don't come true. ha just kidding, don't bible bash. It's bad. The Spirit instantly leaves and we can't have that.

I had a really spiritual experience in District meeting. One of the Elders chose me to do a role play with them and I got really nervous because I was totally at a loss for words or what to say or anything. Then I prayed so hard to Heavenly Father to literally fill my mouth when I opened it and He did, completely. It was amazing. I felt the Spirit so strong.

Anyways... I'm still doing good as ever. I love teaching the Gospel and I love serving. Everyday I am so grateful for this opportunity. (:
LOVE YOU ALL! MISS YOU!!  Hermana Bateson

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Amy, Matt, and Matt got baptized!!!

This is me the day that I learned how to crochet. Don't let my smile fool you. I had the worst headache in the world after that. Shout out to all those awesome ladies that crochet, this girl is definitely NOT cut out for that. haha I think I will just stick to missionary work from now on. haha

This first one is of all of us at the Baptism of Amy, Matt, and Matt on Saturday! Yay! It was probably the best day of my life. haha

Yep. We found a pony yesterday. Its like not a big deal or anything... haha

This is just Matt, Katy, and I at church yesterday. Katy reminds me of me in little girl form. She never stops talking and her hair always needs to be brushed. haha

Brooke's mission President and his wife are to the left.
Sooo many things have happened this week. I am trying to be exactly obedient and work as hard as I possibly can. I hope you feel my love and prayers. I hope the Lord blesses all of you as much as he blesses me. 

Okay, so I got myself a new camera ( her last camera got dropped and broke) Love It! It's the cutest, littlest white camera. I'm practically obsessed with it. Plus, the guy at Target gave me a $40 discount! (Perks of being a missionary I guess)

I made my first cake this week. It didn't turn out very well but it was super fun making it. The Elders liked it. haha We went to the Knoxville Bishop's Storehouse a few times this week. I love serving I also just love seeing how it works. The church really does have an AMAZING welfare program. If you haven't been able to notice, the church just gets more and more true everyday. It makes me so happy.(:  I actually got to pack all the food and supplies up and send them off to the truck. It goes from there strait to the people. Everyone there talks about how there is an "amazing Bishop's Storehouse" in Utah and everyone wants to visit it. They think I'm cool when I tell them I'm from Utah. hahaha

I have been trying to be more positive in my life lately. I really want to be like the roommate in "Beautiful Mornings". Elder Bruce D. Potter's talk from General Conference. I have been trying to choose to be happy and choose to "live after the manner of happiness" like in 2 Nephi 5:27. But then again, I guess it's not that hard when all you have to do is teach people this amazing gospel. I never knew how the Book of Mormon can literally be your best friend. But it makes me happier than anything.(:

Guess what?? I have wonderful news! Amy, Matt, and Matt got baptized!!! They are the best family ever. They are those people that just get it. They got baptized on the 10th by Elder Huffaker. It was such an amazing experience. I was stressed out of my mind trying to put it all together but it worked out and it ended up being the perfect baptism. that is what it is all about. They got confirmed by Elder Becker yesterday at church. The Lord really did bless me so much by letting me have the chance to teach them. I am so grateful everyday for that family. 

Hmmmmmmm...... que maz????  Ohhhhh yeahhh. The lord has been blessing us with lots of Spanish investigators lately. We teach almost all our lessons in Spanish. It has been so great to finally teach in Spanish regularly. My Spanish is still no bueno, pero it's getting better. It is hard for me to understand it but I know the Lord is helping me.

Okay sorry for being so selfish and so talkative in this letter. I hope it makes sense okay, ust know that missionary life rules. I couldn't be more happy. (Well, maybe if Mom was here haha)

Entonces... I'm super tired.   LOVE YOU ALL!  Hermana Bateson

P.S. South for lyfe!!! Estoy feliz aqui!(:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I finally get to learn how to be a classy Tennessee lady!

This one is of Elder Becker on his birthday making fun of me. Again.

This is one of me by the train by our house. Let me tell you something... when I say "by the house" I mean it. It is literally like 10 feet away. hahah

This might be the classiest picture ever because it just describes Loudon. The water tower. The cancer filled buildings. AND the bridge. Nuff said

This is just the back of my head the other day. I told Hermana to take a picture because I wanted to see what my pony tail looked like. What do you think?? haha
How in the world is it already August??  I figured out that in 1 month and 8 days I will be out on my mission for 6 months already! How did that happen??

I am very very grateful to still be in Loudon though.  I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it here. haha The Lord has definitely been blessing us that's for sure. We are hoping to have Amy, Matt & Matt baptized this weekend. Their faith is so strong. Best thing ever happened this week. We were checking up on their commitments to keep the Word of Wisdom and they walked right into the kitchen and gave us their coffee and tea. It was simply amazing to say the least. Plus, we have found two new families to teach and one is an awesome Spanish family! Yayyy! (: SO HAPPY!

Sometimes as I sit back and look at my life as a missionary and I wonder why the Lord blesses me so much. I have done absolutely nothing and yet, he gives me and grants answers to every single prayer. Really, I just feel so blessed. 

As far as my journeys as a missionary, first of all, crocheting is like a big deal for pretty much all women and so this one lady told us that if she taught us how to crochet, we could teach her the lessons. Which I super excited about because that is definitely a win, win situation! I finally get to learn how to be a classy Tennessee lady! (oh and we get to teach her(: )

Oh and I forgot to mention this but these mosquitos here in Tennessee are literally destroying my legs. I have like 40 on each leg, not including my friends the chiggers. Like really???But for reals, like every house we knock on and in every appt. we go to, someone has to comment on my completely spotted legs! haha it's kinda fun. 

Anyways... nothing too special has happened, and even if it did, I probs wouldn't remember because my memory is so terrible... but, I love you all! Have an amazing semana!
                                                Hermana Bateson

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I LOVE the Book of Mormon

Let me tell you something. You are going to hear me say this over and over but the humidity is literally making me crazy. It's like you are sitting in your 2013 Cruze with rockin' AC then you open the door and a wall of wetness just hits your face. 

Most , okay all of you don't know this but Sister Bateson has curly hair! I didn't even know that until the southern summer hit me. Speaking  of my hair, guess what?? We went over to the Foster's for a meal appointment again and she told me my hair was super unhealthy (which I don't even know how that's possible because I NEVER do my hair, like, ever.) So anyways, she cut off like two inches!! LIKE REALLY?? So basically my hair is just curly and short and I never have time to brush it. Yayyy! Look like I'm winning the "cutest" Sister missionary award again... NOT! for the important stuff, Amy Matt and Matt are doing amazing!Their testimonies are growing so much and their countenances are changing too. It's been such a blessing to see them change so much! They finally were all able to come to church together yesterday. I felt pretty bad though because I ended up having to teach Gospel Principles class- they must get sick of me teaching. haha oh well. You get what you get in the Loudon branch. haha Ohhh Loudon... seriously, I am so blessed BEST area ever! I feel so bad for all the other missionaries that don't get to serve here.

I have definitely learned that the power in the Book of Mormon is so real! I have gotten to really study it and gain a testimony of it lately. You can learn from ever verse. It makes me so happy. I also have come to know that studying to teach is a whole lot different than just studying. I really have to know my stuff out here, especially now that I'm training. Anyways.. the Book of Mormon is true. It really is. These are real people, writing it for us. It makes me feel so loved. I feel as if I am Nephi sometimes in 2 Nephi 4:19-21 when he says that he makes so many mistakes but "NEVERTHELESS, I know in whom I have trusted... and he hath filled me with his love." It's so amazing because it is true. It's true because I FEEL the same way. Anyways, I love this gospel and I love the Book of Mormon. Study it, Learn it, Live it, and Love it(: