Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life is really GREAT being a missionary!

This is our "love fern." One day, Sister Bowman and I were walking and we found these flowers and this old coke bottle so we took them home, washed them off and Bingo! ... our love fern!(:

This next one is with me and the "Enjoy Life" mailbox! I loved it so much so I had to take a picture with it! hahaha Get ready for the parade of mailboxes everybody! hah There is so many cool ones here in Tennessee!(: ps Don't you just love my pose?? haha I guess I just think Im funny!(:

The Fosters are some really great members in the Loudon Branch and they had us over for dinner the other night! They gave us a tour of their house and I found this Bear rug! Enjoy!(: (ps yes, It's a real bear, and yes, Brother Foster really killed it.)

Life is really GREAT being a missionary! It is the best thing that has ever happened to me, no joke. So don't worry about me. I LOVE LIFE!(:

 The church NEEDS visiting teachers! My testimony has grown so much ever since I have been a missionary about visiting/home teaching. It is essential that member do their part as missionaries because there is only so much that us missionaries can do. We rely on visiting/home teachers.

  Tell everyone that I said Hola! (:

Monday, May 27, 2013

I have never been this happy in my life.

First of all, my testimony has been growing so much, especially within the last week. As you know we were able to baptize Alan, and he has really taken off in the church. He already has been doing so much. He is reading el libro de Mormon, he is serving others, AND.. he doesn't know it yet, but he has been doing a TON of missionary work. He is our "Golden Child" that's for sure. haha 

It's just amazing to see how much the gospel and the Lord and the Spirit can change peoples lives. It's so amazing!(:  I have never been this happy in my life. The people here and the church here is so great. Everyday is such a blessing and every night, I go to bed and think that that was the best day of my life. Then  I get up and I get to do it again! Missionary work makes me so happy and grateful!(:   Plus, I get a 10 course meal fed to me every night! We actually have a joke between the Elder's and I because they make fun of me because they think I am too excited all the time. They have so much to learn! haha

Last P-day was especially fun because we got to go over to the Fisher's. They live on this beautiful farm with all these different kinds of animals. They have dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, ducks, a pony, two horses, guineas, cows, birds, and a pig. By the way, Tutu is the nicest pig you will ever meet. She is adorable. She comes when you call and wags her little tail. Love her.

Also, this week, I have learned a lot about possums and racoons, to be completely honest, they aren't the smartest creatures. They like to jump right out in front of your car. haha

I'm not sure if I have told you about Becky or not but she is one of our investigators. She is certifiably insane if I do say so myself. haha But she wants to know the truth more than anyone I have ever met. Good thing that's what we have!!! Her  whole family is Jehovah Witness so she is really having hard times with thatbut like I said, she will be baptized in no time. haha

I also had really cool experience the other day. We were walking down the road by this house that was Spanish speakers. We tracted into them about 2 weeks ago but they said they weren't interested. Rosa, the lady we met said Hi, and we kept walking well I decide I wanted to give her una libro de Mormon so we went back. I was really nervous but I walked up, we talked a bit and she introduced me to her hermano Alejandro. So I briefly went over el libro de Mormon and gave her one along with a few folletos. (pamphlets)  Well all of a sudden, Alejandro said out of nowhere, "su espanol es bueno" and I was happy. Then he told me that he spoke alot  of English. Then I just kept talking to Rosa again and then out of the blue he said, "Can we meet on Saturday?" and I was so shocked and happy and surprised that I said "What?" hahaha but we are going to meet with him and I'm really excited to possibly teach him. It's really such a blessing to be able to have the "skill" of Spanish to reach out to these people. It was a good adventure(:

For all of those out here reading my blog and writing me, it means a lot. Thank you so much for all of your love. There is no place I would rather be than serving here in Loudon. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!(: MISS YOU MUCHO! Hermana Bateson 

P. S. The Lord heals and answers prayers. He is with His missionaries. I know that... more to come!! LOVE YOU

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My adventures never cease to continue!

 This is me dressing up like an Elder... I think I look better as an Hermana wouldn't you say??

Me petting a pig named Tutu(:

 This is me next to the "Jesus loves you" mailbox. The best part about it is, it was the mailbox for one of the thousand local Baptists church. hah Good times... I guess they have some truth(;

A picture of some Tennessee countryside! Beautiful view, Beautiful day!

 Probably the most hilarious picture of my companion! We were dressing up like this crazy guy in the ward named Steve... more to come on him as well! haha

Me petting a pony! (:

I just had to get a picture by the "I GOTTA P" license plate! I couldn't help myself! hahah

 This was me yesterday out by the river. (:

This last one is of us at church. We had a little dinner after church so we were just sitting down to eat. The girl across from me is one of our  investigators... More to come on her. She will be baptized in no time (; Also, Alan, our recent baptism was there too! Buena dia!(:

My adventures never cease to continue! There is a new one everyday. Tennessee is such a wonderful place.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here I am in Tennessee

The green countryside
River outside of their apartment
At a baptism
Brooke and Sister Bowman her companion
It was really tough at first but I'm kinda getting the hang of it. I have figured out a few things about Tennessee I think you should know.

1. Everyone says "ya'll" ha ha. Everyone. I have heard all the nicknames in the book already. "Darlin", "sweetheart", "honey" you name it

2. They eat mushrooms with everything. Like really??! Mushrooms of all things... it had to be mushrooms. So I have had to hurry a give mine to my companion when the hosts aren't looking! haha  Oh and PS they also love tomatoes. I have had to eat them a few times and to be honest they aren't that bad.They aren't they worst thing! Try eating a mushroom. Yuck!!

3. There are cockroaches here. Big ones. It's completely disgusting! I can't stand it! Stay away from them at all costs! We also have every type of spiders, snakes, and bees known to man. Like WHY!??haha

4.Everyone is already "saved" and did you know Mormons aren't Christians?! Well this is news to me! I definitely believe in Jesus Christ so I guess there's something wrong with me.People like to tell us what we do and don't believe. Word to the wise: if your a missionary stay away from Jehovah's Witnesses. They like to start stuff.

Anyway's more to come. The church is true! Hermana Bateson

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I made it to Tennessee

As for me, I made it to Tennessee just fine. The flight was pretty long. I just sat and studied spanish the whole time. I sat by a lady that I tried to share the gospel with but she wasn't very receptive. I think she just thought I was another random missionary for some church. There are a TON of churches here in Tennessee. Most of them are just like random local churches. There are a lot of catholics and Methodists and all of that. Its VERY different. I feel really out of place most of the time. And its true about the accents. Everyone talks funny. Sometimes I want to start laughing and tell them to stop talking like that but it really is their voice so I can't.
My companions name is Whitney Bowmen. She is from Logan, Utah and she is 22 years old. I feel like a baby sometimes around her because she is so experienced. It's hard because she doesn't really know Spanish. Did I tell you that I am the very first Spanish Speaking Sister? Well, If I haven't yet, I am. It's sounds pretty cool but mostly it's just hard because I end up teaching mostly by myself.
I also really miss my friends back in the CCM. They were seriously the best and I am kinda struggling without them. Im sure I will be fine here soon enough. (:
My apartment is HUGE! I swear it's like as big as our house back home. Okay, not really but it is really big. Me and my companion actually live right by this ice cream shop that is to DIE FOR! I have only been there once but I kid you not, it was the best ice cream I have ever had. I got chocolate with chocolate chunks because I was craving chocolate. (shocker there haha... not!) It's called Tic-Toc Ice cream parlor. Delicious(:
My area is called Louden. It's in Tennessee, right under Knoxville. It's right on the border of North Carolina. It is very beautiful. Its really green outside. There is a lot of trees. It has rained everyday since I have been here too. Its so pretty, and that raincoat and umbrella we bought me really come in handy! hah Im glad we didn't give up looking for those! haha