Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Being a missionary is the best life ever.

4 de Augusto

I am, no joke, coming home in 10 days! I can barely handle it. It's the strangest feeling in the world because I really don't want to come home. I would rather just be a missionary forever because I am so happy serving the Lord. Being a missionary is the best life ever. All you do is study and live the gospel, sleep, and eat. It is theee best. It's weird to image doing anything else now. I have been just so blessed with this opportunity to serve and it's almost over. 

A ton has happened this week though. On Wednesday we had transfer meeting and I had to give my "departing testimony" even though I still worked after. haha. That was a little nerve wracking for me. 

But guess what?? Hermana Winters is my companion again!!! How crazy is that??? I am so happy to be with her again. She is so great and we have so much fun together. I could not be happier ending my mission with my best friend.

 We have a baptism coming up this weekend and I am so excited for it. Brianna has been one of my favorite people to teach in the entire world. And what better way to end the mission than by having a baptism?? The Lord really blesses me so much! (:

Love ya'll mucho!! Hermana Bateson

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