Wednesday, August 6, 2014

About coming home...

Sister de Hoyos and I at Transfer Meeting!

Sister Nelson and I at Transfers! She taught me yoga so I love her forever. 

My graceful companions(: PS I AM WITH MY DAUGHTER SISTER WINTERS AGAIN!!!! I LOVE HER!!!! (: (: (: I couldn't be happier! 

Elder Koelliker and I(: He is literally my favorite person in the whole world! #number1

Elder "Bennett" and I at Transfers.
About coming home...

I am excited too...a little. Mostly I am just sad though. I just want to be a missionary forever. It's hurting my heart to have to come home. I might be a little sad when I get home for a little bit. 

Love you and I will see you soon(: 
Hermana Bateson

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